May 24, 2024

5 Tips For Planning An Epic Birthday Party

Planning a party doesn’t have to be daunting! Grab a drink and a notepad. Sit back. Relax. We’re going to walk together through the planning process. Kid’s parties, milestones, or just an excuse to have fun with family and friends, we have 5 quick tips to help you plan a party that makes every jaw drop. When the ‘day of’ arrives, you will have people convinced you hired a pro.

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1. Pick a Theme (and Stick to It)

Themes aren’t just for children’s birthdays. They actually help guide your decor, food, and activities, making planning so much easier.

Go wild with something fun like “Under the Sea” or keep it classic with “Hollywood Glam”. Once you have your theme nailed down, let it shine in every detail from the invites to the cake!

2. Invites that Wow

First impressions matter. Send out invites that get people excited and interested in your event. Digital invites are great for convenience (and the planet), but don’t underestimate the charm of a beautifully crafted paper invite. Bonus points if they match your theme!
Include a fun, creative message that hints at the awesome what’s to come and add some personal touches, like a favorite quote or an inside joke. The more personalized and thoughtful the invite, the more it sets the stage for a memorable celebration.

Photo: Meredith Ryncarz

3. Food & Drinks: Keep it Delicious and Simple

You don’t have to go all-out with gourmet, but make sure there’s something for everyone. A mix of sweet and
savory snacks is a must. Mini sliders, veggie platters, and a variety of dips alongside cookies, cupcakes, and a candy bar…your mouth is watering just thinking about it.

For drinks, offer a range of options from sodas and juices to a signature cocktail (or mocktail). A drink that ties into your theme
will make your event legendary.
(Side note: Catering to those
with dietary restrictions or preferences

will allow everyone to feel at home.)

Photo: Bronston Photography
Bakery: Dflavorcc
Images used to show results of party planning

4. Entertainment: Get the Party Poppin’

Entertainment can make or break a party. Games, face painting, or magicians are always perfect for the kids. For adults, consider a DJ, a photo booth, or even a fun DIY craft station.

Tailor the activities to fit your guests’ interests and, of course, the theme of the party. Be conscious of your playlist, choosing songs that perfectly fit the vibe can go a long way towards raising that “epic” meter.

5. Capture the Memories

You’ll want to look back on this celebration, so make sure to capture it all. Hire a photographer or a photo booth vendor with props and a fun backdrop. Encourage guests to snap pics and share them on social media.

Providing disposable cameras adds a fun, retro touch, and you’ll have plenty of candid moments from different perspectives. You could also create a dedicated photo-sharing space online, like a shared album, where everyone can upload and enjoy the photos together. These keepsakes will let you relive the fun long after the party ends.

(Note: Using a custom hashtag for your event is a fun way to group photos together on social media!)

Photobooth: TV Dream Photobooth

Bonus Tip: Relax and Enjoy the Party!

Planning is crucial, but don’t forget to enjoy the party yourself. You’ve put in the effort, now it’s time to kick back, mingle, and make some memories. After all, the most epic parties are the ones where everyone, including the host, has a blast. Trust your planning team and let the event flow naturally—small hiccups usually make the best stories later on. Remember, your level of happiness sets the tone for the entire celebration, so relax and have some stress-free fun!

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